Sunday, May 29, 2016
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1:00pm New Entry[1:30pm] Fire is Living History!
Have you ever wondered how different cultures used fire in their daily fight to survive? Learn about different fire starting methods used by the indigenous people and settlers of East Texas. A park ranger will cover why fire was important in the past, and why it is important today. Rangers will also demonstrate how to start a fire using a bow-drill and a flint and steel. Meet in the picnic area near the pond. We are located on Hwy 21 between Alto and Crockett.

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6:00pm New Entry[6:00pm] -- COSA
TYLER COSA: 6 p.m. A 12-step fellowship for people affected by another’s compulsive sexual behavior. For meeting location go to cosatyler@gmail.com. All correspondence is confidential.

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