-- A Piece of My Heart; a tribute to Vietnam Vets

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A Piece of My Heart, play by Shirley Lauro, is the true story of six women who served as nurses, Red Cross volunteers and USO entertainers at the height of the Vietnam War. Their journey from young girls to military nurses to combat veterans to young women with issues dealing with their wartime experiences, and their ultimate survival is a compelling story that will take a piece of your heart.
*Produced as a tribute to Vietnam Veterans - male and female. With support from the VFW and American Legion.
Robert E. Lee Little Theatre (in the "K" Building on campus) Tickets: adults, $7, students $5. All tickets will be sold at the door.
Not suitable for children under 12.
Information: Amy.Clemens@tylerisd.org or 903-262-2736.
Location: Robert E Lee- Little Theatre (in the "K" Building on campus)
Date: Thursday, February 21, 2013
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Time: 7:00pm CST
Category: Theater*
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Cost Adult: $7.00
Cost Child: $5.00 for students
Cost Senior: $5.00
Contact 1 Name: Amy Clemens
Contact 1 Email: Amy.Clemens@tylerisd.org
Contact 1 Phone: 9032622736
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